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The Bright Pillar, Seashore Square, ShenZhen

Seashore Square, the heaven of lighting-art with a total of 123,000 square meters area, located in Bao An, Shenzhen. Very famous night-view over the mainland of China, and it will take your breath away with an extremely romantic and fantastic lighting showcase. A truly suitable place for family or single-size visiting. And definitely people could have so much fun there, which just feeling like you are setting in the Disneyland theme park. Or, might even better! Because you will gain a very unforgettable experience from this mysterious and dreamlike sea park.


And in the center of Seashore Square there is a beautiful building called bright-pillar. It is a landmark in the square and can be described as the best outstanding high-tech, and modern-symbol building. Then you might be curious about why people say so. Because this pillar presents the core-value of the lighting-show, which is the combination of culture and high technology. More general ideas: on the cultural part, for example, they could be understood as the express of contemporary civilization, life attitude, the local style that will be presented internationally, what is the popular trend nowadays, etc. And at the technology part, such as high-tech equipment use DMX512 control system, the interaction between lighting-show and visitors (*people could customize different patterns and videos effects through the customized ‘Lighting Bao An’ from WeChat small program) etc.


The pillar will also be considered as a remarkable milestone in the LED industry in China. And one of the reasons it has nearly 300,000 LED pixel light sources was used to form the huge, annular-shaped media surface. Plus, built with a hollow structure as high as 30 meters and frost-glass building. The best example of combination with LED-art show, big-data, and internet. What’s more for the consideration of being environment-friendly, all LED energy-saving lights are used in the project design. And they saved more than 50% energy compared with traditional lights under the same effect. It could obtain goals in both elegant art of architecture and also could maintain the healthy-growth of our society.


Overall, the bright-pillar is a very realistic lighting- exhibition in China. Because it perfectly shows the incomparable architectural beauty and the world recognized timeless quality. China's history of cultural exports, and the use of modern high technology. It integrates the knowledge and application of various professional lighting industries, such as professional outdoor lighting effect, uniform illumination and outstanding lighting effect, superb optical design, and the embodiment of the core value of light show.


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