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Guard Hotel in Cairo, Egypt

Another new and stunning arrival from Beamever in 2022-Guard Hotel in Cairo Egypt! Thanks to Beamever honorable local partner-Orchid cooperation, the project was perfectly finished dressed up with Beamever LINIO NEON series.


With 132 Rooms, the 5 start- Hotel stands very close to the Cairo International Airport, Baron Empain Palace, The Child Museum, which brings a comfortable and casual nest for traveller. What ‘s the magic experience a facade lighting can bring to people is to relax totally after all day’s exhaustion. Applied Beamever’s 3000K and blue LINIO NEON, the outer view of hotel give travelers calm and warm feelings at night.


All lighting experts knows that the lighting Kelvin is the key factor to stimulate people’s different feelings: white-clean and relax; Blue-peace and free; Green-health and hope; Yellow-warm and merry. The 3000K LINIO NEON applied in this project brings a warm and relax feeling to people at night. The blue LINIO NEON perfectly coordinate with the blue windows and the sightseeing pool, creating a harmonious ambient lighting.


Architectural&landscape lighting projects, forever is Beamever INC. Pursuit. Why Beamever can always break through itself. Cause we never stop in developing new spec-lockers, always caring about details, giving professional service to our present and future customers, their projects and everything relative...     


Guard Hotel Project Info:

Project name: The Guard Hotel

Contractor : Friends for Genaral contracting

Lighting designer : orchid lighting design team

Architect: Ahmed Fekry - Orchid

Location: Sheraton - Cairo

Date of execution: 1/7/2022


Beamever products used

1. LINIO NEON 1615 TV 3000K, DC24V, 10W/M, 1996m   

2. LINIO NEON 1615 TV IP68 BLUE, DC24V, 10W/M, 108m

3. LINIO NEON 0606 TV 3000K, DC24V, 6W/M, 200m

4. LINIO NEON 1615 TV IP68 3000K, DC24V, 5W/M, 69.3m